Promote your business with affordable swag

Promotional merchandise or “swag” is used to promote a business, their products and identity. Whether you love getting a branded pen or are always giving them out, we don’t often think about the impact these items have in promoting a business. In this blog we’re looking at how you can create a lasting impression on a small budget.

As good as a TV ad

Research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association found that the return on investment on promotional products is higher than radio and outdoor advertising, and equal to TV and print. As many small businesses don’t have huge budgets to spend on these types of marketing campaigns, swag could be the cut through you’re looking for.

Make sure it’s useful and relevant

Effective promotional products are both useful for the user and relevant to your brand. Finding that combination will make people more likely to remember you in future. We all know the standard USB drives, pens and mugs, but what gift would really fit with your business and build brand loyalty? Also consider the environmental impact of your choice and whether that might be important to your target audience.

What’s your business giveaway?

Think about what your clients, contacts or customers might use or appreciate. For example if you’re a coffee shop it could be branded:

  • tea cups and saucers
  • cupcake cases
  • tea towels

If you’re an accountant, how about:

  • diaries
  • mousemats
  • coasters

If you’re an independent cinema, how about:

  • postcards and posters
  • popcorn buckets
  • branded sweets

There are countless ways to get your business message and brand across through merchandise. Great products that resonate with your customer can be a conversation starter and create a buzz around your business, while also complimenting your other marketing activity.