Mark Zuckerberg

Do you work harder than Mark Zuckerberg?

Business owners are characterised by their hard work and dedication. Putting in the hours is a fact of business life, but how do you stack up against other professions? Do you work harder than a teacher or an airline pilot? How about Ronaldo or Mark Zuckerberg? See how your working week compares below. Airline pilots […]

Get your business ready for Christmas

Get your business ready for Christmas

Getting your business ready for Christmas is nearly as tough on business owners as it is for Santa and his elves. While Mr Claus has to create bespoke gifts for children across the globe, he doesn’t have to worry about supplier contracts, cash flow or Black Friday. To help level the playing field, we’ve put together […]

Running your own business: an interview with two entrepreneurs

Our co-founder James recently sat down with John Henry, the founder of Sustainable Direction, the first business to borrow through Funding Circle. They talk about the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting and running a business, and how accessing finance allowed Sustainable Direction to grow. In this short video, you’ll learn about starting your own company, […]

Alternative finance

Alternative finance – find the best option for you

Alternative finance is the name given to new ways of accessing finance outside of traditional methods such as banks. Since its emergence after the financial crash in 2008, the growth of the industry has been rapid. According to Bank of England data on business finance, in 2017 so far the combined net lending (the total […]


How to grow your business with millennials

You’ll have no doubt have heard a lot about millennials over the last couple of years. Everything from their dating habits to their housing prospects have been the subject of countless column inches. Why, though, are they important to understand as a business owner? In this blog we look at how they can be valuable […]

The pawsitive power of pets

Research has shown that having a furry companion at work can improve staff wellbeing and productivity. Whether you work in a busy office, a shared workspace or from the comfort of your own home, in this post we’ll be looking at the benefits of canine colleagues.   1. They help keep us active Sitting down […]

right time to borrow

When is the right time to get a business loan?

Knowing when is the right time to get a business loan can be a challenge for all business owners. Whether you’re looking to get finance for the first time, or trying to judge when to get further funding, there are many things to consider. In this blog we look at the key drivers for taking […]


The importance of being human at work

Building more personal connections at work makes us more motivated and ultimately more productive. As Sheryl Sandberg said in her best-selling book Lean In, ‘An all-business approach is not always good business.’ The Facebook COO frequently talks about the importance of being human when staff go through difficult times in their personal life. However, it […]

management style

Management style – which football coach are you?

Whether you’re a small business owner or a premier league coach, your management style defines how your team operates. You might be dealing with away fans or year end reports, but when it comes to handling pressure and motivating your team, there are a range of different methods to choose from. Take a look at […]

Industry Insights: The outdoor activity industry

This month we caught up with Jim, founder of Channel Group in Minehead, to hear his advice on how to run a thriving outdoor activities company. Learn more about Jim’s outdoor activity company in this short video. While teaching science and outdoor education in schools, Jim realised that there were things he wanted to do […]