Why is team building important for your business?

Have you noticed a lack of staff morale recently? A few droopy shoulders and tired eyes around the office? That could be a sign it’s time to plan a team offsite. Team building brings employees together and empowers individuals to recognise and contribute to achieving common goals. Although it’s important for businesses to focus on […]


Have you made your 2018 business resolutions?

When we think about new year’s resolutions we tend to think of “exercising more” or “travelling more”. But what about making resolutions for your business? Now is the perfect time to reflect and plan where you want your business to be this time next year. The most important question is, how will you get there? […]

How to pitch to the press: getting top-notch coverage for your business

Getting your business’ voice heard in newspapers, magazines or on the radio is a fantastic way to build a positive reputation and create awareness of your brand. For many small businesses, hiring a PR team isn’t an expense they have the budget to cover. However, with the help of our top-tips, you can do it […]

small business future

A Christmas Carol – Small Business Future

It’s the week before Christmas, and while Santa and Rudolph are taking all the headlines, we’re celebrating the amazing work small businesses do all year round. In our Christmas Carol so far we’ve looked at small business past and present, now for the final chapter we’re looking at the future. Read on to find out […]

Small business present

A Christmas Carol – Small Business Present

Businesses across the country work hard all year round. To celebrate their devotion and their contribution to the economy, this festive season we’re presenting our very own Christmas Carol. Last week we looked at the history of small businesses, from medieval times to the early 1900s. Today it’s time for small business present, so read […]

Small business past

A Christmas Carol – Small Business Past

Whatever the season, small businesses work harder on any given day than Mr Claus on Christmas Eve. Santa may take all the glory, but it’s the determined businesses around the country that deserve the real recognition. To celebrate the work they do, we’re presenting our very own Christmas Carol, looking at small business past, present […]

Christmas party

Win your Christmas party

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Keep your staff happy this Christmas

Jingle all the way – it’s that time of year again! Whilst we eagerly anticipate Christmas throughout the year, it can very quickly become a stressful period in the workplace. Businesses face the difficulty of trying to create a fun working environment whilst ensuring productivity doesn’t fall as a result. So what can you do […]

Interest rates

Interest rates explained

Interest rates are vital to understand when it comes to getting finance for your business. They determine how much it costs you to borrow, and change depending on how long you want to borrow for. Interest rates can be calculated in a variety of ways, so to make sure you’re not comparing apples with oranges, […]


Small businesses back European Free Trade Agreement

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy. To make your voices heard, we ask your views on key topics each quarter, and share your answers with journalists and policy makers. As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, we asked thousands of small business owners for your views on the negotiations. More […]