Seminar – improve your website sales

Optimising your website can make a huge difference to your sales. To improve your website conversion, Funding Circle and ActionCoach are here to help. We are hosting a free seminar to help you get more from your company website and increase your sales. The seminar will be hosted by Click Return, and will help you […]

Watch – Preparing for Christmas in summer

There’s a saying that Christmas comes earlier every year. That might be true for some, but if you’re a small business owner who depends on bumper festive sales, you’re probably planning for it all year round. Thousands of small businesses across the UK depend on their peak season to get them through the year. Christmas […]

How to run a sustainable business

Business sustainability is more than thinking about your environmental impact, it allows you to be more resilient and thrive in the long term. From Nike to Nestle, it’s a key issue across industries. In fact, 90% of CEOs think sustainability is vital for success, while 66% of consumers would spend more on a product if […]

Grow your business with the cloud

Having your head in the clouds used to mean that you weren’t paying much attention, or that your ideas were a bit fanciful. Not these days. The cloud is now a powerful tool that is transforming technology and industry. It can change your business too, making you more efficient, agile, and saving you money in […]

How to get research grants or funding

Are you looking to launch a new product? Or conduct some innovative research? If so, there is a range of research funding available to help. Small business grants are provided by the UK government and other private bodies. You often have to meet certain criteria but it can be a great opportunity to access funding […]

The big business of small business

To uncover the real impact small businesses are making all over the world, we’ve partnered with Oxford Economics to produce a new in-depth report. It examines how businesses progress after they’ve taken a loan from Funding Circle and details how small businesses have a crucial and profound impact on driving prosperity around the world. You […]

Consumer trends

Consumer trends affecting your business

Understanding your customer is key for any business. In our today’s fast moving world, their habits, concerns and motivations can move quickly, which can make a big difference to your bottom line. Now more than ever it’s important to adapt. To give you a helping hand, here’s some of the key consumer trends that can […]

How to consolidate business debt

From credit cards and overdrafts to loans and cash advances, business debt can take many forms. Missing out on the best rates can be costly, but keeping track of various costs and fees is time consuming. As a result, many business owners choose to consolidate their debts. To help you understand what this means, let’s […]

Talk like a super clever business person

You may walk the walk, but can you talk the talk? Super clever business people have more than a way with words, they have a bonafide business method. With our simple tips below you can soon be inspiring your troops like Elon Musk, David Brent, or any of the other great speakers of our time. […]

What Open Banking means for your business

Open Banking has the potential to have a huge impact on the finances of both businesses and individuals. To help you understand what it could mean for you, we take a look at what Open Banking is, how it works, and how you could benefit. What is Open Banking? Open Banking is a new method […]