Single Track created the magazine they wanted to see

Single Track Magazine is an award winning print and digital magazine that focuses on the latest news, reviews and opinion pieces about all things mountain bikes. Co-founder, Chipps Chippendale said ‘there wasn’t a magazine out there for us. The kind of riders we are, the kind of things we wanted to read, we wanted to […]

Our Brexit Pledge to small businesses

We can’t promise to make the Brexit waiting game any less painful, but we can pledge to do everything we can to keep supporting British small business through the uncertainties of Brexit and beyond. We’re here to help you seize the opportunities that leaving the EU will bring for small businesses who are ready to […]

Loan purposes we can help with

At Funding Circle we want to help fund all kinds of business needs. Every business has unique requirements and will be at different stages in their journey, so our loans can be used for a huge variety of needs. Some of the most popular include: Working capital – Working capital is the lifeblood of any […]

Guide to workplace pensions

Under the Automatic Enrolment pension regulations introduced in 2012, 1.4 million employers have enrolled 10 million eligible employees. Regardless of your industry and size, as an employer you must provide a workplace pension scheme for your staff. To help you understand how they work, we’ve put together a brief guide on what they involve and […]

Project management

The value of customer research and how to do it

Customer research in its simplest form is working out what your customer likes, needs or wants. It helps you understand your customers’ decision making process and what is influencing it. When done well, you can get feedback on everything from new ideas, products and your brand. You can then make better informed decisions to launch […]

How to transition a family business to the next generation

More than 55% of businesses that have borrowed through Funding Circle are family run businesses. They are an integral part of the UK economy, contributing to our culture and local communities. On 23rd September 2019 we’ll be celebrating Family Business Day to recognise the amazing work of these fabulous families. To discuss the transition periods […]

An inspiring community of small businesses

There are 5.6 million small businesses in the UK, accounting for 99% of all private companies. From bakers to candlestick makers, the breadth, variety and individuality of all those businesses we think is something to be celebrated. Small businesses across the UK come to us to help finance a huge range of projects, business needs […]

financial year end

Understanding your credit report

Your credit report plays a key role in determining which financial products you can access. As a result, knowing how they work and checking your report can unlock potential finance options for you. Find out how you can view yours, what it means and how to improve your credit score.  Personal vs business credit report […]

Email marketing guide

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, with 85% of adults regularly using their emails. If used correctly, email can help you build long lasting relationships with your customers, improving loyalty, recommendations and generating sales.  However, standing out is tricky in such a saturated channel. So, to help out, we’ve put […]

Seminar – improve your website sales

Optimising your website can make a huge difference to your sales. To improve your website conversion, Funding Circle and ActionCoach are here to help. We are hosting a free seminar to help you get more from your company website and increase your sales. The seminar will be hosted by Click Return, and will help you […]