How training your staff can boost your business

Training is an opportunity to expand the knowledge of your employees – allowing both you and them to reap the benefits. Companies that offer comprehensive training programmes will enjoy a 24% higher profit margin compared to those that spend less on training. Despite this, many will skip training because they see it as costly and […]

Top tips for managing your business accounts

A clear picture of your accounts is vital to make the most informed decisions for your business. It can be time-consuming though, taking your attention away from other priorities. To help you run things as efficiently as possible, we spoke to our own Accounts & Payroll Coordinator, Anna Feather, for her top tips for managing […]

Personal debt vs business debt

When you need credit for your business, where do you go? Do you look around for the best deals, or use your credit card so you can act quickly? Business owners often use personal credit options in a variety of situations. However, with different costs and restraints associated with different products, it’s important to  check […]

Top 5 things to know at the end of a loan

As you approach the end of your loan, a whole world of opportunities start to open up. As well as a sense of achievement, with the extra cash you’ll soon have each month you can start making plans for your next chapter. To help you get the most from this exciting time, check out our […]

How to get invoices paid

For small business owners, getting invoices or other debts paid can be crucial to your success. Spending hours chasing them is not only a poor use of time but can create a lot of stress, particularly if cash flow is tight. To help you understand what you can do to get your invoices paid, we’ve […]

Accessing your funds through Funding Circle

When we first launched, Funding Circle opened up small business lending to investors for the first time. Loans taken out since 2012 are on track to deliver annualised returns of 4-7% per year and we are proud that 83,000 investors have earned more than £300 million in interest (after fees and bad debt), more than […]

Special offers for Funding Circle customers

At Funding Circle we are always looking for ways to support small businesses. We want to level the playing field for small businesses when it comes to the exclusive deals and better pricing that bigger companies often have access to, so we’ve put together a range of offers for Funding Circle customers from our partners […]

Our commitment to the SME Finance Charter

We’re proud to be working with the UK Government as part of the Business Finance Council, and we’ve committed to the new SME Finance Charter to ensure small businesses continue to receive support and access the finance they need to grow. The SME Finance Charter is a commitment by finance providers to support small businesses […]

Single Track created the magazine they wanted to see

Single Track Magazine is an award winning print and digital magazine that focuses on the latest news, reviews and opinion pieces about all things mountain bikes. Co-founder, Chipps Chippendale said ‘there wasn’t a magazine out there for us. The kind of riders we are, the kind of things we wanted to read, we wanted to […]

Our Brexit Pledge to small businesses

We can’t promise to make the Brexit waiting game any less painful, but we can pledge to do everything we can to keep supporting British small business through the uncertainties of Brexit and beyond. We’re here to help you seize the opportunities that leaving the EU will bring for small businesses who are ready to […]