Best apps for small businesses in 2020

Apps have become a staple of modern living. With the ever-expanding range of suppliers and functionality, it’s now easier than ever to find the tool that could transform the way you do business. Whether you’re looking for innovation, ways to speed up your efficiency or a solution to your productivity woes, we’ve pulled together our […]

Equity finance vs debt finance — what’s best for your business?

When you’re looking to take your business to the next level, securing some outside money can be the simplest way to meet your goals. If so, you may be considering equity finance or debt finance. Which, though, is right for your business? To help you make the right choice, we take a look at what […]

How to have difficult conversations with staff

When you’re running a small business, there are some conversations that just need to be had. Though it may be uncomfortable in the short term, having these open and frank discussions can be the key to better business performance and efficiency. But how do you go about giving feedback in a way that’s well-received, and […]

How to do your small business budget

Whether you manage your business finances yourself or employ an accountant to do them for you, creating and understanding your business budget is key to making your business successful. An accurate budget will give you a clear picture of your business, and enable you to both make strategic business decisions and plan for the future. […]

7 Key trends for UK small business in 2020

Take a look at these seven trends that are likely to impact your small business in 2020.. 1. Mobile-first communication 2020 is the year that communications really go mobile-native. The UK workforce will be made up of 35% millennials, 35% Gen X-ers and only 6% baby boomers by 2020. This tech-savvy workforce expects primarily mobile […]

How training your staff can boost your business

Training is an opportunity to expand the knowledge of your employees – allowing both you and them to reap the benefits. Companies that offer comprehensive training programmes will enjoy a 24% higher profit margin compared to those that spend less on training. Despite this, many will skip training because they see it as costly and […]

Top tips for managing your business accounts

A clear picture of your accounts is vital to make the most informed decisions for your business. It can be time-consuming though, taking your attention away from other priorities. To help you run things as efficiently as possible, we spoke to our own Accounts & Payroll Coordinator, Anna Feather, for her top tips for managing […]

Personal debt vs business debt

When you need credit for your business, where do you go? Do you look around for the best deals, or use your credit card so you can act quickly? Business owners often use personal credit options in a variety of situations. However, with different costs and restraints associated with different products, it’s important to  check […]

Top 5 things to know at the end of a loan

As you approach the end of your loan, a whole world of opportunities start to open up. As well as a sense of achievement, with the extra cash you’ll soon have each month you can start making plans for your next chapter. To help you get the most from this exciting time, check out our […]

How to get invoices paid

For small business owners, getting invoices or other debts paid can be crucial to your success. Spending hours chasing them is not only a poor use of time but can create a lot of stress, particularly if cash flow is tight. To help you understand what you can do to get your invoices paid, we’ve […]