Communication – how to talk with employees, clients and suppliers

Few skills are as necessary and influential as communication. Communicate well and your business can operate smoothly, with everyone clear on their roles and what they need to achieve. Do it badly and you’ll hit problem after problem, costing you time, money and a good deal of stress. Whether you’re talking to an employee, a […]

Diversity in the workplace

Value of diversity in the workplace

When running a business, it’s easy to focus on things that are easy to put a number on. Cash flow, sales and expenses are easy to track, but what about the other things that make up your business? Your employees are your most important resource, they’re the ones who will help you drive your business […]

increase profits

How to increase profits this summer

Seasonality affects businesses of all shapes and sizes. Depending on your cycle, you might be about to hit your busiest period sales or be six months into your Christmas planning. However, whether summer is your peak or off season, there are opportunities to help you increase profits year round. Read on to find tips for […]

footballing entrepreneurs

Meet these footballing entrepreneurs

Football! There’s a lot of it about at the moment, and it’s steadily building to a grassy crescendo. Rather than bore you with some idiots kicking a ball around an airport to samba music, we’re sticking to our business principles and bringing you footballing entrepreneurs. Read on to find tales of world cup legends who’ve […]

good business decisions

How to make good business decisions

When it comes to making good business decisions, most of us think we take a considered, rational approach. We’ve built up a lot of experience over the years, tweaking our methods to get the best outcomes. However, all is not as it seems. Our brain is not as rational as we’d like to believe, and […]

Hiring the right candidates

A guide to hiring the right candidates

Hiring the right candidates is an ongoing challenge that can affect your whole business. Particularly if you’re a small or growing business, even one good hire can set up your future success. As Steve Jobs put it “A small company depends on great people much more than a big company does.” Getting it wrong can […]

business credit

Business credit – what’s the right option for you?

Whether you’re looking after your cash flow or funding a new project, getting business credit can be essential for your long term success. From business credit cards to asset finance, there’s wide range of options to choose from. Read on below to understand what they all mean and make the best decision for your business.

Guide to exporting

A beginner’s guide to exporting

Taking your goods or services to a new market overseas can unlock a whole new chapter for your business. As well as the opportunities for growth, research show that exporting can make you more productive, innovative and resilient to changing economic conditions. To give you the guidance and know-how to succeed abroad, we’ve partnered with […]

Fictional business owners

How do you compare to these fictional business owners?

We know that life imitates art, but how well does art imitate business life? Do you channel your inner Peggy Mitchell around the office? Do you flip into Basil Fawlty when the pressure’s on? Read on below to see how you match up with some of our favourite fictional business owners.

15-minute office workout routines for busy entrepreneurs

As a business owner you get more done in a single day than most people do in a week. So we understand that when you get home from work, the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. However, if you put your well-being at risk, you also risk the health of […]