Industry insights: 90 seconds with an expert

Previously we visited Andy, founder and owner of Teasdale Motorcycles, to get his advice on managing a motorbike shop. This time we’re in beautiful Cornwall to hear from Linda and Peter Norfolk OBE. The couple have juggled long and successful careers in sport with business acumen, owning and running Equipment for the Physically Challenged (EPC). They tailor their service to suit the individual needs of every customer by importing high-performance wheelchairs and equipment from all over the world.

Peter and Linda from Equipment for the Physically Challenged specialise in supplying high-performance wheelchairs.

Find out more about Peter and Linda in this short video.

Peter founded EPC in 1989, and the company has grown to become one of the UK’s top specialist wheelchair suppliers, winning Quickie’s Manual Wheelchair Dealer of the Year in 2016. To hire two new members of staff, upgrade their website and purchase new computer equipment, Peter and Linda borrowed £30,000 through Funding Circle in December 2016.

Watch our short video to find out more about the wheelchair industry:


Peter’s three insights for supplying specialist equipment are:

  • Knowing your product inside out prevents you from losing sales
  • Ideally keep three months of cash flow on hand to get you through a tough period
  • Have confidence, but don’t be tempted to overspend and overstretch

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