Management style – which football coach are you?

Whether you’re a small business owner or a premier league coach, your management style defines how your team operates. You might be dealing with away fans or year end reports, but when it comes to handling pressure and motivating your team, there are a range of different methods to choose from. Take a look at the different approaches below to see which premier league manager best fits your style.

Jose Mourinho

Results. That’s all you care about. What do the numbers say at the end of the month? What about the end of the year? If they look good, you’re everyone’s best friend, united against the competition. If not, a dark mood is going to descend on the office, the weekly meetings turn sour and the insults start flying. You could be a roaring success or bankrupt within 3 years. Probably both. 

Overall management style: moody, controversial

Likely businesses:

  • Manufacturer of functional goods
  • HGV logistics
  • Bus company

Mauricio Pochettino 

A quiet, reserved leader, you don’t get excited or angry, or really seem to do much at all. Some might say you’re pretty boring, a wet blanket even, but somehow your team is always smashing targets. A master tactician and expert in nurturing juniors, whatever you do say must be very effective, because your simple nod of approval is enough to make people run through a brick wall. You’re a closed book, an enigma – but by golly you get results.

Overall management style: quiet, mysterious

Likely businesses:

  • Clockmaker
  • Youth correctional centre
  • Arthouse cinema

Pep Guardiola

There’s no point in being successful unless you do it in a beautiful way. In the artform of business, culture and collaboration are your paint and brush, and Q2 2017 was the Sistine Chapel. Results will come and go, but you won’t compromise. Your multi-million pound security system may crumble at the first sign of attack, your manicured suit may gain an extra ruffle, but you’re not just a businessman, you’re a philosopher. Like Aristotle, or David Brent.

Overall management style: ideological, slightly pretentious  

Likely businesses:

  • Artisanal crafts
  • Gourmet food
  • Life coaching

Tony Pulis

You’re a no-nonsense manager for a no-nonsense business. You don’t need flash equipment to get the job done, just solid organisation and good old fashioned hard graft. You get suited and booted for the board meetings, but then jump in a tracksuit and get your hands dirty with the team. All you ask is that everyone puts a shift in. Anyone found skiving is getting a P45 and a black eye.

Overall management style: animated, pragmatic

Likely businesses:

  • Brick laying
  • Plumber
  • Anything with a spirit level

Jurgen Klopp

Work, like life, is to be enjoyed, so let’s have a laugh while we build something together. Your charisma always shines through – you’re a maverick, a joker, you give motivational speeches that swing from effervescent charm to deranged arm waving. Your staff can often be heard saying “He’s crazy for sure, we like him and he’s a great boss, but he’ll be on the news one day throwing melons into the sea wearing nothing but a pink apron.”

Overall management style: engaging, slightly unhinged

Likely businesses:

  • Action sports centre
  • Travelling stage show
  • Tattoo parlour/vegan cafe