Emerging from lockdown: 6 things every business owner should focus on

For Britain’s independent business owners, now that lockdown is being eased, the hard work really starts. How do you get your sales and, most importantly, your profitability, back to where it needs to be? Nigel Botterill is one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, having built nine separate million-pound-plus businesses in the last 15 years, […]

How we adjusted to coronavirus: Tips from a business owner

For many small businesses across the UK, the impact of coronavirus has resulted in a significant loss of trade and the revenue that goes with it. Adapting quickly to the new climate has been key to keeping their businesses on track.  A good example of this is Fashionizer and its sister company Fashionizer Spa, a […]

Coming out of lockdown — how to make and communicate a plan

As life in the UK slowly begins to open up and lockdown measures are tentatively eased, we’re all taking small steps to getting back to normal. As a business owner, you’ll no doubt be thinking about how to safely reopen your workplace in a way that makes your staff and customers feel safe. With this […]

Coronavirus Loan Schemes Explained

The impact of coronavirus has been felt by business owners across the UK. You’ve had to change and adapt at lightning speeds to keep up with the ever-evolving situation and, for many, funding is more important than ever. If you’re looking at the funding options available to you, we’ve rounded up the key information on […]

How to manage your business through a recession

Nigel Botteril is a business mentor at Entrepreneurs Circle, who educates, motivates and helps business owners take their next step. He gives his insight into how best to navigate the coming months with key tips to help your business withstand the impact of coronavirus.  1. Protect yourself It’s incredibly important to protect your physical and […]

Best tools for working from home

The impact of coronavirus is being felt across the UK, and the government has advised all businesses to work from home where possible. But when it comes to remote working, what are the best tools to help you continue as normal during a time of great disruption? We take a look at some of the […]

Special offers for Funding Circle customers

At Funding Circle we are always looking for ways to support small businesses. We want to level the playing field for small businesses when it comes to the exclusive deals and better pricing that bigger companies often have access to, so we’ve put together a range of offers for Funding Circle customers from our partners […]

How to transition a family business to the next generation

More than 55% of businesses that have borrowed through Funding Circle are family run businesses. They are an integral part of the UK economy, contributing to our culture and local communities. On 23rd September 2019 we’ll be celebrating Family Business Day to recognise the amazing work of these fabulous families. To discuss the transition periods […]

Seminar – improve your website sales

Optimising your website can make a huge difference to your sales. To improve your website conversion, Funding Circle and ActionCoach are here to help. We are hosting a free seminar to help you get more from your company website and increase your sales. The seminar will be hosted by Click Return, and will help you […]

How to get research grants or funding

Are you looking to launch a new product? Or conduct some innovative research? If so, there is a range of research funding available to help. Small business grants are provided by the UK government and other private bodies. You often have to meet certain criteria but it can be a great opportunity to access funding […]